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P R I V A T E   A N D   C O R P O R A T E   C O M M I S S I O N S

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Many people have asked me why commissions are special, and the answer is always quite simple, but it has several parts:

1. It is a one-off - there will be only one - no one in the world will have a copy - yours will be the only one - it will be unique!

2. Yes, it is expensive - but it's a one-off - it takes a long time - because it has to be absolutely right for you.

3. This part will sound strange, but believe me, when I say that you are paying for part of my soul that I put into your painting - it is an exhausting process ensuring your painting is 110% what you expect.

That's it... unique - expensive - a part of me!

Expenses, such as travel and accommodation, if either is required, will be included in the fee for the painting. If foreign travel and in-depth research is required, this will also be built into the fee.


After a thorough process of discussing your exact requirements with me and every aspect of my involvement, you will be offered one price, covering everything, with no extra costs.

P R I V A T E 

Peter has painted many private commissions, which can be a very personal reminder of a wonderful holiday or your favourite house, car, aircraft of yacht. It can be a portrait of a loved member of your family, a landscape or pet.

The painting can be in any style that you want.


If your company requires a painting for a boardroom, corporate jet, or a yacht, or as a gift for a valued client, retiring director, contact me for inspirational ideas, a painting programme, and commission fees.

For private and corporate commissions, the terms are the same: and very simple - the fee for the finished art is only paid, if you, the client is over-the-moon with the picture.

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