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Each of the above Scribble numbers, tells the story behind some of my paintings - some unbelievable and some that were definitely exciting - but each one was extremely memorable, and on the way, I met some extraordinary, generous and lovely people.  

Here are some snippets from some of the Scribbles...

'He came past me, 50 feet away with reheat on'

'... who should walk in - but Jackie Stewart!'

'Climb up on the footplate and I'll take it outside in the sunshine...'

'... I was put through to Richard Branson himself!'

'... I was staggered by the size of the gargantuan Heidelberg Offset Litho Printing Machines...'

‘Are you THE Peter Sissons, the one that used to be on the television and read the news?’

'... I'd had a captive audience behind me, waiting for every brush stroke to appear!'

'as we touched down with a gentle swoosh of water under the floats.'

I hope you enjoy them.

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